James May Ain't Impressed That Much With Electric Cars
James May Ain’t Impressed That Much With Electric Cars

James May makes a guest appearance on The Intercooler Podcast. However, the true revelation is our unexpected connection with The Intercooler. Despite the tenuous nature of this relationship, it’s surprising for us here at DCB Media to have any association with them. After all, we frequently critique the current state of motoring journalism, which we perceive as effectively dead.

However, some journalists still uphold the principles of true motoring journalism, carving out their independent niche far removed from the ball and chain constraints of legacy media. We’ll reveal who they are in due course. In the meantime, James May delves into the current state of EV battery technology.

As usual, James May presents intelligent points, but his focus tends to be on the past and present rather than the future. Battery Electric Vehicles are still in the early stages of technological development and market viability. At this juncture, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

EVs and ICE-powered cars should coexist; the 2035 ICE extinction event should be abandoned. However, the internal combustion engine has clearly reached its limit because ICE-powered cars are merging with electric motors to prolong their relevancy.

Eventually, EV technology will advance to such an extent that it will lead to the demise of the internal combustion engine.

James May Ain't Impressed That Much With Electric Cars
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