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Mad Cap YouTube Inventor Creates Far Cry 4 Inspired Tuk Tuk
His name is Colin Furze and he is a YouTube inventor and presenter of Sky1’s Gadget geek which we have never heard of because we refuse to have a Sky subscription. Furze is one of those individuals who has the ability to turn scrap metal any metal into something, anything. Furze uses his skills to create a motorsied Tuk Tuk based on the digtal Tuk Tuk found in the Far Cry 4 video game. Of course Mr Furze rips the standard Tuk Tuk engine out and fits in a more powerful bike engine and completes the Far Cry inspiration with side mounted machine guns. How he got away without being shot in sight by a trigger happy firearms officer is a mystery that will never be solved. Colin Furze is a YouTube Channel partner, his series of videos have racked up over 62 million YouTube hits, typically YT pay their channel partners rather unfavorable terms. For every million hits Mr Furze gets he’s paid roughly £2,500, its a good living but you can’t help but imagine how much YT benefited from all those ad sales. Anyway Furze explains how he built the Tuk Tuk below.
Mr Furze you’ve been scammed but you qualify at least for a showing on DCB because anything on two wheels or less is considered automotive heresy. We would show a bear on a unicycle. or roller-skates.  Far-Cry-4-Tuk-Tuk copy
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