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Porsche Boxster And Cayman Production Ends Abruptly Due To EU Regulations
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The Porsche Boxster has bid farewell, vanishing into the graveyard of automotive history, exorcised by the demons of regulations. No longer available for sale, a future cut short before its time. The Boxster (series 718) now resides in the distant hinterlands, existing only as a memory. According to Porsche, newly introduced EU cybersecurity regulations have abruptly halted the current production run of the Boxster.

Porsche simply couldn’t, or perhaps more likely, didn’t want to invest in updating the current generation’s cybersecurity protocols. The regulations stipulate that any car manufacturer must have up-to-date cybersecurity protocols, or the model must be withdrawn from sale. Thus, Porsche has evidently made a strategic decision, effective immediately.

Does this mean Porsche has lost sales revenue from the cessation of Boxster manufacturing? Not quite. Porsche has a trick up its sleeve: an all-electric version will emerge from the hinterlands, with an official reveal expected towards the end of the year and entry into dealerships by 2025.

The Porsche Boxster was initially launched in 1998, followed by the fixed-roof Cayman in 2005. Sales have never exceeded 27,000 units annually. Over the past 11 years, sales of the Boxster and Cayman have consistently hovered between 20,000 and 25,000 units sold annually worldwide.

It’s a funny old world innit?

Porsche 718 Cayman G Dailycarblog
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