Climate Change is A Con Says Lamborghini, Reveals New V8
Climate Change is A Con Says Lamborghini; Reveals New Screaming V8

We are told that climate change is imminent. We are told that the world is in a race to prevent global temperatures from rising by 1.5 degrees Celsius. We are told by private jet-flying elites and politicians that we must reduce emissions and rid ourselves of fossil fuels. We are told that we must switch to electric cars, end farming, and live in 15-minute cities to save humankind by 2035. Are these people “fossil fools,” or are we the foolish ones for not questioning the rhetoric?

European car manufacturers are “rebelling” against the EU’s 2035 ban. Lamborghini recently announced a newly developed high-revving, 10,000rpm, 800bhp V8 hybrid for the next-generation Huracan. Lamborghini CEO Stefan “The Suit Winkelmann” recently said that electric supercars are “not something that is selling so far.” Is this a mask-off moment?

Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes, in particular, have been greenwashing their image since Dieselgate, posing as caretakers of the environment. Dieselgate led the EU to implement tough new emissions regulations with the aim of phasing out gasoline cars by 2035 in favor of electric cars.

However, Volkswagen and others could never reconcile with losing their grip on internal combustion engine dominance. The pathway to a fully electric car future didn’t look promising even five years ago. But things have changed—technology is advancing faster than expected, and the Chinese are leading the way.

The biggest drawback of early EVs was their range. Today, as battery and electric motor efficiency improves, EVs are beginning to challenge ICE cars. In five years, EV range will likely exceed that of ICE cars, and EVs will become cheaper. Nevertheless, car manufacturers are seeking to extend the 2035 diesel and petrol car ban.

I think Volkswagen, Mercedes, and BMW are misguided. However, if there is no real threat from so-called man-made climate change, then the EU should abandon the 2035 ban on diesel and petrol cars and allow ICE cars and EVs to coexist because competition will eventually phase out ICE cars.

Climate Change is A Con Says Lamborghini, Reveals New V8
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