The Crew, An Open World Driving Game For The PS4 & XBox
Gamer’s in need of a speed fix can get off their sofas/couches and head over to shop and buy a copy of the latest video driving game, The Crew. Or they can remain where they are and download it instead. Which is probably what they will do. The Crew is an open world driving game that borrows Grand Theft Autos open world gaming system but without the narcissistic violence.
The Crew recreates the United States of America in digital open world glory, you can drive from east to west coast in as little as one and a half hours, not even a commercial jet liner can do that, only a jet fighter travelling at around Mach 2. The opening trailer is a highly rendered CGi fantasy and in no way represents the real time gaming experience as the nerds from discovered in the video below. No wonder we stopped playing games here at DCB Towers we don’t want end up like these geeks. We like the real open world, breathing fresh air and walking.
The Crew is out now and available for PS4, XBox One and the PC and costs around £39.00.  The-Crew-2014
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