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Jeramy Clarkson: Dear VW, About Your Affordable €20,000 EV… Have You Heard of The BYD Seagull?

I don’t know who is more deluded… Volkswagen or the automotive press that semantically, unquestioningly reports every word Volkswagen spews from its well-coordinated, well-timed announcements. Volkswagen’s latest delusion is the inner belief that they can build and sell a €20,000 affordable EV. I am laughing as I write this. Europe no longer has access to cheap natural energy after sanctioning Russia which means production and living costs have risen.

Germany has no natural gas supplies and is reliant on importing reserves. Germany buys its natural gas from two sources, the Americans who are no doubt fleecing the desperate Germans. The other source of Germany’s natural gas supply is India. This is the hilarious part, India buys its gas reserves from Russia and then sells it at a profit to the Germans.

Deluded, delusional and quite simply hilarious.

The other hilarious aspect of this affordable VW EV aberration is that Germany is effectively engaged in a proxy war with Russia. This means German tax dollars are being redirected towards funding the military war machine. The whole situation is mad and despite this turmoil, VW thinks they can build an affordable EV in two years.

And then there is the delusion of the motoring media. No sorry, the media isn’t deluded they have no compunction to ask simple questions, like… how are you going to do that? It appears that the established media has fled the Titanic, jumped overboard as it begins to list, only to swim back and climb onboard as it begins to sink to the dark depths of the ocean.

And for what? so they can all be headed like well-fed cattle from one press launch to the other? The world’s gone mad. Here’s the sad part, the established media know what questions to ask, but they do not because they have become stenographers. They can’t upset the hand that feeds them.

Yes, established media has the best writers, editors and sycophants, but they are not journalists in the truest sense because motoring journalism is dead and it died a long time ago.

Here’s the really funny part, you can already buy an affordable EV, it’s made in China and it’s called the BYD Seagull, prices start at $12,000, that’s €11,000 or £8,000 GBP. You’re better off importing a BYD Seagull into Europe because it will still cost less than this so-called ‘affordable’ VW EV which will never retail at €20,000 if it ever appears.

My guess is that VW is pi–ing in the rain with this affordable EV nonsense, they have made no effort to make a decent EV, and their EV software engineering sucks and they just want free publicity to tell the world that they have a plan they are going to do something.

Here’s the really hilarious part, in a recent media interview VW executives admitted that the only way to make an affordable EV is to sell it at a loss.

The world’s gone mad.

Anyway, as a great philosopher once said “man, these people come right out of a comic book”… evening all.

Jeramy Clarkson - The Opiniator
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