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Jeramy Clarkson: VW, you murdered the Polo and propped up its corpse, now kill it off for good

Evening all, it’s Jeramy Clarkson here, been away a while, my time has been spent at the farm, I am still trying to sell Amazon Prime the idea of filming a fly on the wall docu-series following my exploits doing farming, but apparently, I am not racist enough for the executives to sign a deal. So, for me, it’s back to the reality of working for a living.

Anyway, the Volkswagen Polo was due to be killed off by the latest Euro Emission flogging. However, the Germans, the real power behind the cabal called the “European Union” managed to arm-twist EU legislators into relaxing emissions targets. This means cars like the Polo have received an extended life span.

How truly regrettable.

The truth is Volkswagen killed off the Polo years ago. the Polo has become nothing more than a rash it has no merit to be deemed a car of any type. The current generation VW Polo is a mirror image of the European Union, it lives in denial and is in a state of perpetual decline.

The VW Polo has become an exercise in cost cutting, when I drove one not so long ago I thought why is Volkswagen even bothering to pass this off as a car? A plastic bucket has more value and offers a far superior experience.

Yet according to the established automotive press, the VW Polo is a magical car sprinkling fairy dust from its exhaust pipe, a car for the masses in a true Germanic tradition. In reality, it’s a pile of shite. And an expensive one at that, £20,000 for an entry-level Polo.

You know what, I think I’ll move to China, there I can get a premium Tiguan-sized Hybrid SUV for £20,000. But then people will say, “oh, there is no freedom or human rights in China”, well at least they can distinguish between a “conflict” and a genocide.

The truth is, in Europe and the West in general, we have fake freedoms and fake human rights in so far as we are not truly free. The Volkswagen Polo demonstrates how tightly bound our freedoms are to a system that wants to inject us with untested verbosity.

Once you drive a VW Polo off the sales forecourt you will no longer have the desire to drive one again. Therefore the Polo is part of an agenda to limit our freedoms by making us disillusioned. We must rise up to this conspiracy to take away our fake freedoms because we have to believe fake freedom truly exists.

Evening all.

Jeramy Clarkson Drinking beer
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