BMW Mini Electric 2023 - Worst Car of The Week
Worst Car of The Week Warning: Do Not Buy the Mini Electric

Many if not all authority automotive publications/news sites operate on a simple business model, do not bite the hand that feeds you. Whether they are established media corporations (hello Martin) or small fish in a big ocean if you show admiration, flash a fake smile, and nod in agreement while crossing your fingers, to the hand that feeds you, often you will be served a very nice meal in return… i.e. advertising spend. In other words, you are meant to join the Sith not destroy it.

The BMW Mini Electric is why we want to destroy the Sith. It was being shamelessly promoted on UK-established media (hello Martin) on behalf of the Sith as if it was manna sent from heaven. Spend £35K and get an electric car with 100 miles of range. What person is stupid enough to do such a thing?

Turns out that people with money to burn are buying the BMW Mini Electric. Not many but enough to fill established news media bile columns with positive fake testaments hailing the might of the BMW Mini Electric. Do yourself a favor, if you are switching to electric cars spend £7K extra and buy a Tesla Model 3.

The Tesla Model 3 is superior and more than doubles your range for a fraction of the price. The Tesla Model 3 also offers more room, is more practical, and is built on an advanced and dedicated electric platform. We’re not being paid to shill for Tesla, however, if the BMW Mini was better then it’s easy to recommend.

Even the Chinese have better EVs coming, the BYD Seagull is a similar-sized EV with a range of over 235 miles. Don’t believe the hype, don’t believe trusted established media, hell, don’t even take our word for it. But don’t, whatever you do, don’t ever buy the BMW Mini Electric which is the worst car of the week for being weak.

BMW Mini Electric 2023 - Worst Car of The Week
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