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Carly Introduces Free Comprehensive Car History Checker in the UK

Leading Car Diagnostic Company, Carly, Aims to Empower Prospective Car Buyers with Essential Information to Avoid Purchasing Written-off, Stolen, Damaged, or Tampered Vehicles through Its Free Used Car Check Service

May 3rd – Carly, the premier direct-to-consumer car diagnostics company, proudly announces the debut of the first-ever free Car History Check. This innovative service equips potential car buyers and current vehicle owners with detailed vehicle history reports simply by entering the vehicle registration number, all at absolutely no cost. With Carly’s Car History Check, users can swiftly determine if a car has been written off, stolen, damaged, or tampered with.

Presently, traditional “VIN checker” services charge up to £30 per individual car history check. For those interested in evaluating multiple vehicles, whether for comparison or fleet purchases, these costs quickly accumulate, potentially reaching hundreds of pounds. Carly’s groundbreaking Car History Check service eliminates these expenses entirely. By offering this service for free, Carly not only saves prospective car buyers substantial amounts but also fosters transparency in the second-hand car market, facilitating informed decisions for both buyers and sellers.

Carly Smart Diagnostic Car App

The new Carly Car History Check enables users to generate comprehensive reports on a car’s history by simply entering its registration number into the Used Car Check section of the Carly app. Carly then meticulously scans hundreds of data points, gathering crucial information to unveil the vehicle’s detailed history, including previous accidents, ownership changes, theft status, and even provides vehicle images. This service covers all car, van, or motorcycle brands under 3.5 tonnes registered in the UK, delivering an easily digestible report within minutes, containing details such as:

Theft Status: Retrieves data from UK and international stolen vehicle databases.

Written Off: Indicates if the car’s insurance status is “written off,” meaning the damage exceeded economical repair.

Mileage History: Reviews past and present mileages, comparing them to typical values for the vehicle make and model.

MOT History: Highlights past MOT tests and their outcomes.

Car Damage: Provides information on previous damage reports.

Salvage Auctions: Uncovers hidden damage history through salvage auction databases.

Vehicle Images: Collects images from various sources to illustrate the vehicle’s journey.

Vehicle Owners: Displays the number of previous owners and recent driver changes.

Tax Status: Indicates current tax status.

Vehicle Information: Offers details on fuel consumption, dimensions, and performance characteristics.

The Car History Check service serves as a cornerstone for both buyers and sellers in the used car market, fostering clarity and confidence in transactions. Buyers gain unprecedented insight into a vehicle’s past, empowering them to make informed decisions and negotiate effectively. Sellers, in turn, can build trust by providing transparent access to their vehicle’s history, facilitating a smooth and equitable sales process. This enhanced transparency helps buyers avoid purchasing previously damaged or written-off vehicles, potentially saving them from costly repairs.

The new Used Car Check service is available to all new and existing Carly customers in the UK through the free and premium versions of the Carly app, accessible on both Apple and Android app stores.

Carly the Smart Diagnostic App
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