Car Repairs You Shouldn't try
7 Car Repairs You Should Never Attempt Yourself

Although it’s never a bad thing to learn as much as you can about the car you own, and although it is fair to say that tinkering about under the hood is a great way to do that, it is not always the best idea to carry out any and all car repairs by yourself.

Yes, there is absolutely a place for DIY vehicle maintenance, and you can certainly save a lot of money by doing it yourself, but sometimes, it’s safer to have a car mechanic work on your auto for you, and with that in mind, below, we will look at 7 times where you really should leave it to a professional.

1. Airbag Antics: A Safety No-Go

Fiddling with airbags is about as safe as juggling chainsaws. These sensitive systems are designed to save lives, but they require the know-how of a pro to handle and install them. A wrong move here, and you might find yourself with an unexpected explosion in your face. Not fun.

2. The Transmission Tangle: Gearbox Jigsaw Puzzle

Thinking about tackling your transmission? Picture trying to solve a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, but all the pieces are hidden inside a metal box, and the final picture determines if your car actually moves.

Pagani Utopia Ultracar - Manual Gearbox

It’s intricate, it’s complex, and getting it wrong could mean big trouble. Unless you’re a seasoned mechanic, it’s probably best to leave this puzzle to the pros.

3. Timing Belt Tightrope: Precision or Bust

The timing belt is the unsung hero of your engine’s internal ballet. One slip, and you could be looking at a dance of destruction inside your engine. Replacing it requires precision and expertise. Unless you have the steady hands of a surgeon and the know-how of a mechanic, I’d say leave this one to the experts.

4. Electric and Hybrid Hazards: High Voltage High Risk

Tinkering with electric and hybrid cars? That’s a shockingly bad idea unless you’re trained.

Porsche Cayenne eHybrid Review 2022 - 016

These modern marvels are more than just traditional engines with an electric twist; they’re high-voltage, complex systems that can be downright dangerous without the right skills and tools.

5. Windshield Woes: More Than Meets the Eye

Replacing a windshield isn’t just a case of pop out the old, slot in the new. It’s a crucial part of your car’s structural integrity and safety system. A botched job can lead to leaks, annoying wind noises, or worse, a windshield that doesn’t properly protect you in a crash. Best to let the glass gurus handle this one.

6. Fuel System Fiddling: Flirting with Fire

The fuel system is like the circulatory system of your car but filled with flammable liquid instead of blood. One wrong move, and you could be starring in your own action movie explosion scene.

Buying A Diesel Car - Fuel - Daily car Blog

Unless you fancy a fiery surprise, I’d say steer clear of DIYing this part of your car.

7. Braking Bad: Not a Good Idea

Finally, let’s talk brakes. These are literally what stands between you and an unplanned rendezvous with the car in front of you. Brakes are no place for a ‘good enough’ repair job. This is serious safety territory, where only perfect will do. So unless you’re as confident in your brake-fixing skills as you are in your pot roast, leave it to the professionals.

Knowing your way around the inner workings of a car is a great skill to have, but in the cases above, some professional help probably wouldn’t go amiss.

Car Repairs You Shouldn't try
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