Ferrari 296 GTS by Novitec - Master Stance
Ferrari 296 GTS Receives Full Novitech Performance Upgrade
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The philosophy of Novitec designers has proven successful for decades: enhancing the world’s most exclusive automobiles to make them more thrilling and to optimize their aerodynamic efficiency further. The Ferrari 296 GTS undergoes a complete Novitec makeover.

The stock 296 GTS production bumper receives upgrades including a front lip spoiler and a spoiler for the large air intake, enhancing aesthetics and reducing front-axle lift.

Novitec 296 GTS by -Side Final Stance

At high speeds, the distinctive ducktail rear spoiler increases rear-axle downforce. Novitec offers a diffuser and cover for the rear camera to complement this aerodynamic enhancement, both crafted from carbon fiber for aesthetic harmony.

Novitec 296 GTS by -Side Rear

The exclusive Vossen 22-inch NF 10 alloy wheels, featuring five delicate twin spokes, are fundamental to achieving the exciting Novitec look for the open-top Ferrari.

Novitec 296 GTS by -Side Interior

Additionally, the Spider’s appearance is sharpened by lowering the ride height by approximately 35 millimetres and upgrading the springs with Novitec sports springs. These components are integral to the hydraulic height adjustment of the front axle, which raises the front by about 40 millimetres.

Novitec 296 GTS by -Side Rear Stance

NOVITEC achieves additional power through targeted modifications to the engine peripherals of the 296 GTS’s twin-turbo six-cylinder.

Novitec 296 GTS by -Side Prologue

The peak output of the internal combustion engine increases by 28 kW / 38 hp. The MGU-K electric motor of the hybrid drive system remains unchanged, resulting in a total system output of 638 kW / 868 hp.

The NOVITEC exhaust system is visually enhanced by two tailpipes with a diameter of 102 millimetres. Novitec also offers bespoke tailored services for client personalization, using the finest leathers and Alcantara in a wide array of colors.

Ferrari 296 GTS by Novitec - Master Stance
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