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The Importance Of Using Quality Batteries In Your Camera

For many people, mobile phones, with their ability to take photos that are of relatively good quality have replaced cameras. However, there are still plenty of people out there who prefer the versatility and control that they get over their photography when it comes to the camera.

In fact, it’s fair to say that since the early days of the digital camera, when standard AA batteries were the battery of choice and gave you relatively few shots per battery, technology has come a long way. Rechargeable batteries are a much better option for today’s digital cameras. They accept a great amount of power, hold their charge for longer, and offer the user more accurate information about how much power they still have left.

How does a camera use power?

The type of camera and the components that it has will determine how much power your camera will use. Every modern camera uses battery power for its electronic display functions in addition to operations such as opening and closing the mechanical shutter on the camera, driving the autofocus motor (or in some cases multiple motors), the metering exposures and any stabilisation mechanisms in the lens, camera or both.

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If you have a mirrorless camera then a significant amount of the power it needs is used by the electronic viewfinder. This essentially means that a camera’s battery capacity will often be lower than for a DSLR camera that has an optical viewfinder.

How long do camera batteries last?

The length of time that a camera battery will last depends on several factors. These include the type of camera, its functions, the way in which the batteries are handled and stored, and, in the case of rechargeable batteries, how often they are charged. With that in mind, it can be difficult to say how long camera batteries might last, but the average life of a battery in a camera is around five years.

A good camera will indicate when its battery is beginning to fail, and this is a good time to replace the batteries with new ones or to recharge the batteries that you are using, depending on what type you have. It is usually suggested that you replace the batteries before they run out completely, as this is not good for your camera.

Why do you need quality batteries for your camera?

If you prefer to use a camera rather than the camera on your mobile phone, then there is a good chance that you enjoy photography. As such, you are likely to have invested in a good quality camera that has cost you a good amount. If this is the case, then you will want to do everything that you can to keep your camera in tip-top condition. This means looking after it properly, investing in a good case or storage bag, using proper lens covers when it is not in use and of course, only using the appropriate tools to clean the lens should it become dirty. It stands to reason, therefore, that you would not use anything less than quality batteries.

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Using quality batteries will ensure that your camera is in full working order when you require it and that the batteries do not let you down when you have plenty of photographs planned. Taking care of every aspect of your camera is equally important if you want to keep it working properly and taking great photographs.

These batteries might be rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries, but make sure that you are using quality batteries at all times and have good-quality spares.

The best Camera Battery - Camera Guy
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