McLaren Automotive - SUV
YEP, McLaren Is Developing An SUV With A BMW Sourced PHEV Powertrain
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Well, I didn’t expect this (cue drum roll, cue eye-roll) McLaren is reportedly developing an SUV, as per media reports. Despite recent trading difficulties, McLaren Automotive seems to be overcoming them, with a promising sales horizon ahead. However, to ensure their long-term future, McLaren is considering introducing an SUV.

Traditionally, sports performance car manufacturers disdain SUVs because they contradict the essence of high-performance vehicles. Yet, SUVs are lucrative; the Ferrari Purosangue is in high demand, and McLaren has taken notice.

So, McLaren is willing to depart from its legendary F1 hypercar image to boost sales revenue by embracing the performance SUV business model. In a recent media interview, McLaren CEO Michael Leiters discussed the rumoured SUV.

Leiters stated that McLaren will avoid labelling it as an SUV. Instead, the company plans to utilize a shared platform, likely sourced from BMW X model series, possibly featuring PHEV powertrains. McLaren aims to directly benchmark the Ferrari Purosangue.

Additionally, the McLaren CEO revealed plans to develop its first fully electric hypercar, targeting a weight of 1,500 kilograms—an achievement currently impossible with existing battery technology. Leiters also affirmed McLaren’s shift from over-supplying to building cars in accordance with demand.

McLaren Automotive - SUV
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