Porsche 911 Production Ramp
For Porsche, The Combustion Engine Era Isn’t Over Just Yet
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Porsche has ceased production of combustion-engine versions of the Macan for European Union markets due to non-compliance with new EU cybersecurity regulations aimed at protecting vehicles from potential hacking threats.

Following the complete halt of ICE model production, Porsche is shifting its focus to electric versions of the Macan to advance the automaker’s sustainability goals, despite a recent downturn in overall EV demand according to industry analysts.

Deliveries of the electric Macan are set to commence in the latter half of this year. Meanwhile, Porsche’s new seven-seat electric SUV, codenamed K1, remains on track. This SUV will utilize the SSP Sport platform from the parent Volkswagen Group and will be manufactured in Leipzig starting in the mid-2020s.

Positioned above the Cayenne, it marks a significant step towards expanding Porsche’s electric vehicle lineup.

Combustion-engine versions of Porsche’s 718 model range, which includes the Boxster and Cayman sports cars will cease sometime next year. The company is already focusing on launching electric versions of these models in the coming year.

Production of gasoline-powered versions of both the 718 and Macan for European markets has already been halted.

Porsche remains committed to its schedule for transitioning certain models to electric vehicles, even amidst a recent downturn in demand for battery-powered cars.

However, the gasoline-powered version of the Macan for non-European markets will cease by 2026 due to the platform reaching the end of its lifecycle.

Porsche 911 Production Ramp
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