Honda to present the Honda Prelude concept at the 2024 Goodwood festival of speed.
The King of Coupes Returns: The New Honda Prelude
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The Honda Prelude? Sounds like something Homer Simpson might have made for his car-manufacturer brother, Herbert. However, the Honda Prelude is real. It enjoyed a successful run spanning five generations from 1978 to 2001, selling over 862,000 units during that time.

Car manufacturers tend to discontinue models when demand declines. By 2001, Prelude sales had dropped significantly, from 171,000 units per year in 1978 to 58,000 units annually by the end of its lifecycle.

The annual global market for coupe sales is quite modest, with approximately 88,000 coupes sold across all auto brands. So, why is Honda even considering reviving the Prelude coupe? It’s seen as an opportunity for Honda to showcase its capabilities, using what’s known as ‘attraction marketing’ to appeal to a younger audience.

The Prelude is expected to serve as a loss leader. Honda may withdraw it from the market in five to ten years. However, its role will be to enhance brand appeal and convert curious shoppers who may end up purchasing an SUV or EV instead.

While Honda claims it wants to demonstrate its prowess in creating enjoyable driving experiences, they’ve already achieved this with the current generation Honda Civic, which is such a fun car to drive.

The new Prelude will share the same powertrain and chassis as the Honda Civic. Entry-level models are expected to feature the petrol-hybrid system, pairing a 2.0-litre petrol engine with dual electric motors. The Civis delivers 181bhp and an impressive 56.5mpg.

Expect a similar range of model trims, standard features, and optional extras. However there is a sting in the tail, Honda is presenting the Prelude as a concept to be unveiled at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed, with no specific release date announced.

Honda to present the Honda Prelude concept at the 2024 Goodwood festival of speed.
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