Porsche Macan The next Generation - 2024
Porsche Macan The Next Generation, Visualised And Rendered
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The all-new generation Porsche Macan will arrive in 2024 and when it does an electric version will sit alongside the traditional gas-powered versions. The Macan EV will borrow its electric powertain from that of the Taycan. However, the electric motors are said to be more efficient yet more powerful. The Macan EV will use two electric motors, therefore, yielding four-wheel drive. Manuaverbility will be enhanced by rear-wheel steering. The standard size of the battery pack is said to be 100kWh, which should amount to 280-320 miles of range. The Macan will also be fully fast-charge enabled.

Although we do not yet have performance figures, the Macan EV is speculated to get around 603bhp and 1,000Nm of torque (738lb ft). Straightline speed is sure to be fast, performance EVs have no limts when it comes to the 0-62mph dash. Handling and ride will be typically Porsche, peerless compared to rivals. Indeed the Porsche Taycan’s ride and handling belies the weight burden it carries.

Porsche Macan - 2024

But what will the new Macan look like? Personally speaking, I like the look of the current  Macan over the Cayenne. Macan test mules have been spotted by eagle-eyed photographers and photos uploaded to the interweb. All this speculation got digital artist Kolesa whipped up into a frenzy of imagination, and by the power of his Wacom tablet, we can see into the future with this Photoshop render.

The render is based on heavily disguised test mules, one thing is for sure the Porsche design language is based on evolution not revolution. Judging by this speculative render, it appears as if Porsche is indeed following an evolutionary design path for the next-gen Macan.

Porsche Macan The next Generation - 2024
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