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This 80th Anniversary Jeep Wrangler 1941 is Made For The Survivalist Conspiracy Community
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Man, this is one expensive Jeep Wrangler, how did that happen? Didn’t see it coming because in reality the Jeep Wrangler 1941 is a rag-tag 4×4. The type of vehicle you imagine would fit into a future dystopian Mad Max world. Prices for the entry-level Jeep Wrangler start at £48k here in the UK. So it’s already damn expensive for what is essentially a Fiat engineered off-roader. And it isn’t that refined inside or out. And you would think that the lack of refinement would find wavering appeal among a diminishing user base.

Jeep Wrangler 1941 80th Anniversary - Rear - Daily Car Blog

But the Jeep Wrangler has a presence, it’s big and ugly, rough but tough enough for 4×4 activities. And perfect for the survivalist community who are hoarding 100 years worth of food and ammunition stock just in case that future dystopian Mad Max world actually comes true. And to appeal to the survivalist community Jeep has launched Wrangler 1941, which is based on a Wrangler Rubicon and bootstraps on Jeep Performance Parts to make sure its off-road ability can handle end of the world events.

Jeep Wrangler 1941 80th Anniversary - Bonnet Decal - Daily Car Blog

Each Wrangler 1941 has been factory modified with a two-inch suspension lift kit, black door sill guards. In addition, the front and rear splash guards, black fuel filler door, all-weather mats, and 1941 bonnet decal remind the buyer they haven’t been conned by clever marketing. Enhanced rear underbody protection and wheel arch extensions further ensure the survivalist community is prepared for a possible nuclear armageddon.

Jeep Wrangler 1941 80th Anniversary - Interior - Daily Car Blog

The Wrangler 1941 is only available in four-door guise, in combination with Fiat’s 2.2-litre Multijet diesel engine. If you are a survivalist looking to stock as many as possible you’ll have to act quick because only 41 examples will reach the UK shores with prices starting from £58,000.

Jeep Wrangler 1941 80th Anniversary Daily Car Blog
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