Hyundai Sant Cruz Concept Is A Pick To Lust After
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Hyundai are notable for making surprisingly good and capable cars. Sometimes they let their corporate imagination flow and let loose the chains that bounds them too keeping the accounts department happy. At the Detroit Auto Show they unveiled the Santa Cruz Crossover Pickup Truck concept. Not another concept you say with eyes rolling out of your sockets. There is a point to this particular concept that will keep the accounts department happy, you see Americans like their SUVs and hillbillies who pray to “gwad” like their pickup trucks more so. It all combines to create ripe and lucrative market conditions. “Kerching”. Hyundai-Santa-Cruz-2015-Pickup-Rear However Hyundai refers to Americas hillbillies as Urban Adventurers yes in the 21st century Hyundai’s marketing department have identified professional hillbillies who shoot at roadkill and throw stones at trees for a living. Using various graphs and advanced tracking software Hyundai have concluded these people are active during the week and have a variety of outdoor pursuits. Like drinking beer and spitting it out over a log fire. Of course we are stereotyping, the hillbilly era is long gone just a myth in the modern connected world we live in. Hyundai-Santa-Cruz-2015-Pickup-Profile Mark Dipko, a big cheese from Hyundai Motor America said “this new crossover allows them all the expandable utility they need throughout their active week, from work-life professionalism, to social interests, to a whole variety of outdoor pursuits, without the typical compromises they have come to expect from the industry’s current product offerings.” Hyundai’s pickup truck concept is powered by a 20-litre diesel engine and has 190bhp and 406Nm of torque. Although by pick up standards the Santa Cruz Concept is compact Hyundai do say it could make it into production albeit a toned down version. They also said Communism worked but it never did. Cronyism, nepotism and lunatic authoritarian rule does.  Hyundai-Santa-Cruz-2015-Pickup-Front
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