New Mini Five Doors Is All About The Badge
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No this isn’t Photoshop trickery its the new five door Mini. We absolutely love the new 3 door Mini its a firecracker of a car but if you really need extra legroom and more doors and still want that Mini badge nestling on your driveway then you are just a gullible money pitt, mere putty to the Mini marketing department and easy meat for shark infested car dealerships. But here it is, the Mini five doors, no surprises then that the five door version carries over the same engine lineup, four in total, as the 3 door sibling which includes petrol and diesel 3-cylinder twin-turbo variants, the five door version gets a new engine variant with the introduction of the Cooper SD. Mini-Five-Doors-B The Cooper SD is based on the 2.0-litre 4-cylinder diesel power unit which has an output of 170 hp and can accelerate from a 0-62 time of 7.4 seconds, and has a claimed economy of 68.9 mpg. The same interior specs are also carried over, such as LED daylights DAB radio and air-con which are standard. Mini-Five-Doors-C Pricing for the five door is just £600 pounds more than the 3 door version but you get so much more. Its still expensive. We say buy nearly used let someone else take the hit on depreciation.

 MINI Cooper 5-door Hatch


MINI Cooper D 5-door Hatch


MINI Cooper S 5-door Hatch


MINI Cooper SD 5-door Hatch


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