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BMW X7 is Going For Gold By Manhart Performance
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Manhart Performance doesn’t do subtle, at least not for their client base which consists of rehab-bound European Princes and self-entitled people who vomit at the thought of driving an average OEM stock car. These people want something more personalized. And here is the answer, the MHX7 650. This particular vehicle already has a prodigious source of power hidden under the bonnet.

Manhart MHX7 650 - Front - Daily Car Blog

On paper, this is a bog-standard BMW X7 M50i powered by 4.4-litre V8 twin-turbo which is good for 530bhp and 730Nm of torque (553 lb-ft). However, Manhart had other intentions.

Manhart MHX7 650 - Rear - Daily Car Blog

They decided to pump up the power to 650bhp and 920 Nm of torque by removing the EUC, installing a new sports exhaust, and removing the standard particulate filters.

Manhart MHX7 650 - Interior - Daily Car Blog

While the interior is left unchanged, apart from the personalized carpets, Manhart Performance wrapped the exterior in matte black. The gold highlights and go-fast stripes are going for the gold lifestyle look.

Manhart MHX7 650 - Carpets - Daily Car Blog

And they added a set of new, bespoke 23-inch alloy wheels with, yep, the gold accent thing.

Manhart MHX7 650 - Wheels - Daily Car Blog

All in all, this is a… unique look that screams “LOOK AT ME!”.  Price? we don’t really care.

Manhart MHX7 650 - Daily Car Blog
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