Lotus Working on Secret Elise S Cup R
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Lotus has seen a surge in sales of late, a lot better then the single unit they sold on the back end of 2012. That was then, this is now and demand for Lotus has jumped to 31 percent. The unlikely sources responsible for this are Japan, Switzerland, France and the oh so fussy and patriotic German market. 505 cars were delivered to happy customers between April and June, up from 386 the same period last year, global sales have also risen to 192. You could forgive Lotus for wanting to throw money in the air and dance as it rains down upon them, but the company is busy as evidenced by this secret test mule caught lapping Germany’s Nurburgring. At first sight it appears to be an Elise S Cup R, that model is a track only car designed for hardcore race enthusiasts and it features adjustable suspension, ventilated disk brakes and a quick release steering to name just a few. It is believed this test mule is a road legal version of the Elise S Cup R which will be unveiled officially at this years Paris Motorshow. Lotus officially declined to comment. We didn’t actually contact Lotus at all.    Lotus-Elise-Testing
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