Yangwang U8 priced from $160,000 USD - Heroic Stance
BYD Numberwang Time… It’s $160,000 For The 1,100bhp Yangwang U8
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BYD used the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show as a launch pad to announce the arrival and pricing of the much-anticipated Yangwang U8. Some say it leans heavily or is “influenced” by the Land Rover Discovery, others say it is merely coincidental. Put aside your biased mindset and picture this, the Yangwang U8 is an SUV that supports both PHEV (Plugin Hybrid) and BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) powertrains. Land Rover has yet to offer anything comparable. The Pure electric Yangwang U8 is powered by 4 electric motors located on the front and rear axel.

Each electric motor outputs 225bhp which yields a total system power of over 1,100 bhp and 1280 Nm of torque. This power results in a 0-62mph time of 3 seconds. The electric motors are independent of each other meaning the Yangwan U8 will have prodigious off-road capabilities. For example, the motors allow for 360-degree “tank” turns and crab walking.

Yangwang U8 priced from $160,000 USD - Front Stance

The U8 is a beast of a car in size and will incorporate a beast of a battery speculated to be around 150kWh. This will deliver an estimated 640 miles of range and the battery is fast charge compatible charging from 30-80 percent in 18 minutes.

Yangwang U8 priced from $160,000 USD - Rear Stance

The Yangwang U8 is aimed at the luxury SUV segment and the interior is finished to a very high standard. Maybe not to Bentley Bentayga levels but at least the interior doesn’t copy the Bentayga’s interior design language… correction needed.

Yangwang U8 priced from $160,000 USD - Interior

The interior will feature two 23-inch instrument panels, one for the driver and another for the passenger. The center portrait infotainment display adds 12.8 inches of display real estate. The Yandwang U8 will be equipped with 38 sensors including 16 cameras and 3 LiDAR arrays.

Yangwang U8 priced from $160,000 USD - Side Stance

Two versions will launch for the China region only, the Premium Edition and the Off Road Master Edition which apes a utilitarian roof box and snorkel. With prices starting from $160,000 USD (1,098,00 RMB) the YangWang U8 becomes the most expensive Chinese-built SUV.

That being said, new customers can expect 6 years or 150,000 km warranty, a lifetime powertrain warranty, free 8 year roadside assistance and a free charge pad.

Yangwang U8 priced from $160,000 USD - Heroic Stance
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