Bugatti Super Saloon To Be Resurrected
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Remember the Galibier, Bugatti’s four-door super saloon? Well let us remind you if you don’t. Originally released in 2009 as a working concept the Galibier was planned to be production ready by now. The Galibier was going to use  a front-mounted, 8.0-L twin-supercharged W16 engine delivering power via permanent all-wheel drive. That might change slightly to a hybrid powerplant if the Galibier does go ahead but management changes have led to a series of stop-start plans. Last year Bugatti’s CEO, Wolfgang Schreiber, declared there would be no four door anthing. Schreiber was recently ‘moved’ to another position within the VW empire, VW as you may know own Bugatti. Bugatti-Galibier-Interior Schreibers replacement, Wolfgang Duerheimer, has now said the four door Galibier may well be resurrected but the new CEO admitted recently that the project is on hold for now in order to make way for the all new, 2015 Veyron. That doesn’t mean the Galibier project has been written off just yet, once the Veyron replacement has hit the market the Galibier may well be re-started, the super saloon could have an engine producing 1,340 hp, and could a speculated top speed of 235 mph.  Bugatti-Galibier-side-view
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