Burnout Party In The Hick land of America
Facebook is valuable because it brings together communities of like minded people, murderers, robbers, family holiday snaps, that sort of thing. This is the real reason for the stock market value behind Facebook, we’ll ignore its useless and difficult UI, it is what it is. And for that reason only Facebook can create something out of nothing, like these folks who presumably used Facebook to setup a  Burnout Party some where in “red neck” America back in 2012. Now you may be asking why show a YT clip from 2012 when its 2014 at the time of writing this post? The answer is we reckon this event was closed down because the organisers didn’t even bother to shut down the road for safety reasons. If you have a street party, logically speaking, you close the street down. Participants of this burnout street party obviously decided to turn up quite happy to “burnout” with every day commuters coming from both directions, nor do they have any concerns over the pedestrians. or the clutch, tyres, or the clouds of dead rubber that will cause the earth to warm. The reason why there proably hasn’t been a Burnout Party 2013 and 2014 is because President Obama sent in the FBi and Military Drones to stop any further escalation of Burnout Partying from ever happening again. Its a conspiracy!  Burnout-Party-America
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