The Citroen DS Divine Concept Heads For Paris Reveal

The Paris Motorshow is nearing and its that time of the automotive season for car makers to start presenting their latest concepts just before the big show reveal.

And its fallen to Citroen to unveil the Divine concept that will give just a little taste of the future design direction of the DS brand.

The DS suite of cars are designed to be more upscale than Citroen’s bread and butter range of mainstream models. Citroen would like you to see DS as a stand-alone, premium brand in the same way Lexus is in comparison to Toyota.


The DS range currently totals three and was introduced 4 years ago to stop a potential exodus of Citroen customers fleeing into premium car dealerships such as Audi and BMW, and DS is also a way to boost group sales.

Citroen will eventually expand the DS range into a six vehicle model lineup in the next three years, the Divine concept is a compact hatchback and uses a 1.6-litre, 270bhp petrol engine at its heart.

Jewelers, Swarovski, provided interior detailing for the Divine concept with crystals decorating the exterior panels and headlights, the detailing also extended into the interior with yet more crystal inlays.


Don’t expect to see all this bling when the actual model reaches the showrooms and don’t expect the Divine concept to be fully realised when it or a version of it goes o sale.

Concepts are part publicity part excitability stunts and that’s why we love them.

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