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Aston Martin’s days of being 100 percent British are drawing slowly to a close, the luxury supercar brand has been independent since going freelance in 2007 from former owners Ford and is currently owned by a consortium of private equity interests. Aston isn’t resting on its laurels, yes it has been releasing a new lick of paint every year and re-branding it as a new product but things are changing. The Rapide, Lagonda et al. Aston recently set aside a new eye watering budget that will see a full on new product offensive to drag itself kicking and screaming into a new more efficient and emissions friendly era, as well as continuing a trend to producing some of the most stunning and sought after supercars on the market. The key component to Aston’s new product offensive will be the use of Mercedes engine technology, the company recently signed a supply agreement with the German behemoth and this may well end up with Daimler buying the company outright in a few years time. That’s where this V12 Vantage S comes into play, it was spotted doing its duties, testing, at the Nurburgring the other week. Aston-Marcedes-Rear-View Look closely and you will see wider wheel arches, Aston has gone to great lengths to conceal the wheel arches which almost blends seamlessly into the body of the Vantage V12 S. This has lead many to speculate that it is indeed a prototype featuring an Aston Martin running a Mercedes AMG powerplant for the first time. If you are an Aston Martin purist and think that we British have been sold down the swany river to a bunch of German overlords, then you should get of your high horse. Aston have been using German engine technology for years, its current powerplant and core components are made in Germany.  Aston-Marcedes-Front-View
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