Attention Seeking German Blows Up His Fake BMW X5
So you may have seen this already, the German is Wolfgang Blaube a motoring journalist  and owner of the CEO a Chinese made fake BMW X5. Astonishingly the CEO was sold in Europe and despite a court case to stop sales its is estimated 700 people purchased one. Wolfy purchased one for himself and drove it for a good few years as a bit an an experiment to see how good these knock off’s really are. Well what the hell did he expect?! But after just 60,000 miles it had aged and rusted like a 25 year old car sitting in a lake of salt. We don’t know how much money Wolfy sunk into the CEO but he lost out big time. Then decide’s to blow it up. We just want to know why was he standing so close to the CEO, most probably trying to gain some kind of reflected glory, REFLECTED GLORY!  Fake_bMW-Blow-Up
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