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Vehicle Virgins is Selling His McLaren 600LT for A 765LT

We didn’t even know there was a McLaren 765LT... what the wah? Anyway, now that we do know the world seems like a clearer place. It wasn’t so clear for Parker Nirenstrein, AKA vehicle Virgins who took some time off from YouTubing to concentrate on personal well-being. He alluded to some past issues, without going into detail. Then we began to notice his YouTube channel was receiving significantly fewer views. This can mean only one thing, The YouTube algorithm is working its deadly magic.

A quick online search revealed that Mr. Vehicle Virgins YouTube man has been accused of drug driving before filming his videos. And more than likely YouTube is throttling his channel. Perhaps they do not want to promote therefore generate advertising revenue for an individual who has been accused of drug driving by a fellow YouTuber. Its bad influencing not influencing.

With over 2.1M subs and 80k views on this particular video means YouTube is throttling the Vehicle Virgins channel or he has lost significant audience share. Either way, it doesn’t matter, Nirenstrein’s father is a tech billionaire. If the Vehicle Virgins channel closes down tomorrow Nirenstrein can spend his days swimming in a pool of dollar notes. That is the billionaire lifestyle.

Vehicle Virgins - Parker Nirenstien - dailycarblog
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