Audi R8 Swansong Spied As Brutal Caged Animal
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Audi is preparing one last and perhaps hardcore outing for the R8 and even under the camouflaged disguise it looks good enough and maybe potent enough to increase the size of the earth’s ozone layer, speed up global warming and even cause earthquakes. The fixed rear wing and diffuser suggest an epic and glorious swansong for this generation of the R8, new lower side sills and winglets on the front bumper suggests this Audi will be focused to challenge all theories governing the laws and principles of aerodynamics. Audi-R8-Animal-Rear-Difusser The Audi R8 was launched in 2006 and shares the Lamborghini Gallardo platform, it was initially equipped with a 4.2 litre V8, all-aluminium alloy, 32-valve engine. Later models featured a naturally aspirated 5.2 FSi, V10 power source. The Limited edition V10 powered, R8 GT, was thought to be the last derivative model before an all new replacement, but it seems Audi are preparing  “the” definitive R8 before a successor is officially unveiled in 2016. Performance details are not yet known, expect it to be insanely powerful and end up in the Gumball Rally.  Audi-R8-Animal
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