China To Become Biggest Export Market For Porsche
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We all know the Chinese economy is a juggernaut that just keeps on giving and it certainly keeps on giving for the likes of Porsche even when the country is expecting a cold in buying confidence. If sales trends continue to rise at current rates China could become Porsche’s largest sales territory by the end of the year with the Cayenne leading the sales charge. During September Porsche sold more car’s in mainland China than it did in the US, however the US still sold more cars overall for the first eight months of the year. In the first nine months of the year Porsche sales in China were up by 19 percent and totaled 32,592. This was a little behind US sales which  were up by 12 percent in the same period to 35,366. The global sales tend for Porsche also looks good, sales grew by 22 percent in September and by 13 percent through September. European Sales were up by 4 percent in September and by a further 14 percent through September. The Cayenne has long since replaced the 911 as Porsche’s biggest selling model with 51,000 units sold in this financial year. The 911 has still got it with 22,000 units sold so far with the Panamera following relativity close behind with 18,700 units.  Porsche-China-Sales
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