Epic Overtake Fail Leads To Awesomely Brutal Consequences
Video We have all been there at one time or another, you are driving on the motorway, autobahn, freeway when upon a sudden you are cut up by the driver in front. This happens the world over, you can’t say bad driving is restricted to one any particular country. In Brazil this Taxi driver was so badly cut up by a driver trying to get into the outside/fast lane that he/she didn’t notice the driver beside him/her. The Renault Clio driver barges into the side of the taxi causing the taxi to be shoved onto the grass verge and seemingly roll before coming to a halt facing the wrong direction to where it should be. Miraculously the driver escaped unhurt, we can’t help but think that the Renault Clio driver was out of his/her depth, we reckon it was some kind of road rage or perhaps a targeted hit. Or just a case bad driving with terrible consequences. And yes we did use buzzfeed style banner headlines, epic and awesome are among 25 words you should always use in the internet news media cycle.  Cut-Throat-Brazil-Driving
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