Ferrari 458 Not So Speciale Gets A Whooping From A VW Golf
Ok so we British can use American colloquial language, after all we are them and they are us. America is the giant that has often been humbled, think Viet Cong vs Agent Orange, you catch ma drift, brother? And so its left to the German’s to humiliate the Italians on American turf, and lets face Germany is a nation that has faced utter humiliation after taking a liking to David Hasselhoff. We all learn from our mistakes like pitting the refined supercar creed of the Ferrari 458 Speciale vs the everyman VW Golf, surely the V’dub gets a drubbing right? Wrong. It turns out this V’dub is a HGP-Turbo creation, they are a German turbo-tuning specialist and they appear to have out speciale’d the 458 Italia. HGP-Turbo have shoe horned a 3.6-L, V6 into a Golf MkIV and given it an extra set of lungs by fitting a twin turbo, this gives around 527 bhp and 700Nm of torque which is enough power to raise the Titanic. The Ferrari 458 Speciale has a good old fashioned 4.5-L, naturally aspirated V8 and more horsepower than the GHP-Turbo Golf. With 597bhp on tap you would think that the 458 Speciale would breeze this showdown, but it doesn’t, its the torque, that twisting power of the Golf HGP-Turbo that rips the face and the smile off the 458 Speciale.  HGP-Golf-Vs-Ferrari-458-Italia
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