The New Audi A7 Abridged, What You Need To Know
Because we’re lazy journalists we sometimes do not want to read through a lengthy press release and repeat, because most often we’re usually participating in a session of GT Sport. And most often its better to watch than to read, this is where YouTube comes into play. Thanks to U.S. publication, Motor Authority, we can bring you a video review of the new Audi A7 all at their expense. MA hack, Kurt, got an invite to attend the A7 press launch, it appears his job is more holiday than driving as he stands next to the A7 soaking up the sun and engaging in some talk. Journalists, they’re all so lazy and overfed and treated like lords. But its a good overview of the A7 though. Short and concise.  Auidi-A7-Motor-Authroity-Review-South-Africa-Dailycarblog
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