Hennessey Adds 623bhp Lightning Bolt To The F Type Coupe
So you may well know that Hennessey are automotive tuners par excellence, they make the formula of taking a supercar and increasing the horsepower look easy. It isn’t, all that extra power generates extra heat, turning cycle’s and mechanical stresses that literally make things go pop. A specialist like Hennessey know what they are doing, this time they have taken a V8 supercharged Jaguar F-Type and upgraded the hell out of it. Without Hennessey’s upgrade the Jag is good for 542bhp, with the upgrade its worth 623bhp and good for a 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds. Hennessey have made sure the upgrades won’t make the engine go pop and offer a 36,000-mile warranty after which presumably things will get too stressed and hot and make the engine go pop. Yet I can’t help to think that the standard F Type is brilliant just the way it is, I have driven it, its not just the way it performs that is spellbinding its the sound the V8 which adds to the theater and its missing in this Hennessey upgrade. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be all about the horsepower to me its about the package as a whole whether its a 10obhp car or 1,000bhp car. Sorry Hennessey, I think i’ll give this one a miss. Do those guys actually read this?  Hennessey-Jaguar-F-Type
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