Ferrari FXX Chews Grass At The Monza Race Track
Do not be deceived by this video it isn’t an elaborate CGi driven hoax, sadly it’s for real. And yes it is a real Ferrari FXX and not some kind of back street knock-off made from tin by a man with a claw hammer from indonesia. The owner crashed his FXX at a race event in November 2015 at the Monza Racetrack, Italy. The left-front suffered as a result of brazen over driving as did the side and rear after a visit to the crash barriers. No one was injured except for the FXX. The FXX is a track only hypercar, you the buyer may have paid for it but Ferrari are the real owners. Ferrari restrict all driving of the FXX to race tracks and if you want to drive it for a day or a weekend then you have to give Ferrari a call to allow you do so. The FXX is a purebred racer, power comes courtesy of a 6.2-litre normally aspirated V12 which unleashes 789bhp. Naturally 0-62 is going to 2.9 seconds quick with a 214mph top speed. Only 30 examples were ever  built between 2004 and 2007 and cost around £2 million GBP each.  Ferrari-FXX-Bruised-And-Battered
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