Hennessey Explains Its 700bhp Ferrari 430 Scuderia Makeover
You might find the thought of putting a twin-turbo engine into a Ferrari 430 Scuderia complete and utter lunacy, trying to spell Hennessey correctly every time is the only thing that drives us mad. You will know by now that Hennessey is a Texas based automotive tuning company, y’all, and the folks over in the southern sunshine state have indeed taken a Ferrari 430 Scuderia and twin-turbocharged it hell and back. The original 430 Sucderia (stable of horses) was a 503bhp egotisical nightmare on four wheels, in it self a tuned version of the standard 4.3-litre, V8 powered Ferrari 430 which had 483bhp and weighed 100kg more. Ferrari made the F430 between 2004 and 2009replacing it with the 458. Hennessey’s 430 Ferrari Scuderia is a more brutal less delicate but equally effective speed demon, they’ve managed to up the power too 700bhp thanks to those twin-turbo’s. How much power is needed for public road use is a matter for debate, the Hennessey 430, if we can call it that, does sound mostly awesome. That’s all the justification we need! Price? we don’t just yet knowed, performance details? possibly insane beyond belief.
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