Skoda Kamiq - James Batchelor Review - Dailycarblog
Britain’s Poshest Car Reviewer on The Skoda Kamiq

James Batchelor is Britain’s poshest car review without question. Those refined vowels and consonants are a sign of excellence and authority. If I had such a posh accent McDonald’s would roll out the red carpet for me every time. Nevertheless, Bachelor is behind the wheel of the Skoda Kamiq, Skoda’s latest and smallest SUV.

Batchelor says the Kamiq is a refined car, more refined even than the VW T-Roc. Then he goes on to say that the ride is, dare I say it, rather crap. By my interpretation that’s a classic contradiction, ergo, by definition, the Kamiq isn’t refined.

However, because of that authoritative accent and delivery, which breeds excellence, Batchelor could sell the Skoda Kamiq to a Mercedes dealership and end up with a Knighthood.

Skoda Kamiq - James Batchelor Review - Dailycarblog
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