LARTE Design Creates Religious Cult With Black Crystal
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So you have taken delivery of your brand new and rather shiny Mercedes GL and then head straight off to LARTE Design, a Russian Tuning company, based in Germany. We won’t dwell on the irony. These guys are able to add more visual flavor to your £70k luxury seven seater SUV courtesy of the Black Crsytal. Black Crystal isn’t a religious cult its a LARTE branded body kit which is designed to add more meat to the GL’s bones. Larte-GL-Brutality-B The meat includes bespoke LARTE alloy wheels, a brutal looking front grill, flared wheel arches, a rear diffuser, a stainless steel exhaust silencing kit and external carbon element’s. Those air intakes are pointless and are designed purely for decoration, to give a more brutal look as LARTE would say. All this extra window dressing comes at a price, around £17k GBP, ($28k) thankfully that does include labor fees. Russian’s prefer their vehicles to have a “brutalist” look, and it doesn’t get any more brutal looking than this. The LARTE Black Crystal will premiere at the Essen Motor Show from November 29 – December 7.  Larte-GL-Brutality-A
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