Modified Car Cruise Community of Derby
Car ownership isn’t about owning the most expensive or latest vehicle on the market, for car modifiers its about owning what you can afford and turning the every day, sometimes run down, car into something with a bit more character. Car modifiers are usually a community within a community, some go over the top others are more faithful to the original. This video is a snap shot of the car modifying scene in Derby, UK. If you are reading this from Texas let us just say Derby is a region in the north of England and not a dirt track. People in Derby say “like” in between sentences similar to the way Canadian’s always add “eh” to the end of their sentences. “Like” is similar to saying “OK” and we southerners don’t why theses northerners do it. We’re all one big happy family in England, like, eh! Vote UKIP.  Car-Meet-Derby-UK
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