Truck Driver Turns Into Tree Feller-Buncher
Ok so we have all had bad days at the office and behind the wheel, but it couldn’t get any worse for this driver of a 18-wheeler rig in the US who must have been suffering from heat stroke as their truck turned into a motorised tree cutter after taking a wrong turn in a parking lot. American’s, over here in blighty we say car park. So what do you do when you see this event unfolding, whip out your cell phone and start recording, like all responsible people do. Towards the end of the video one of the male passenger’s shouts “its a chick” in complete non surprise. The world just got a whole lot less brighter. Male passenger, its not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you. If you are wondering if we made up the word feller-buncher, we didn’t its a motorized vehicle with an attachment which rapidly cuts and gathers several trees in the process of felling them. This truck driver is a whole new take on that.  Truck-Tree-Feller
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