Ken Block Decimates The Streets of LA In Gymkhana 7
Gymkhana 7 has finally been released to the barbarian driving hordes of YouTube and drifting fantasists with pro-rally driver, Ken Block, at the Helm of a 1965 Ford Mustang. Block literally decimates the streets of LA in what is a slickly produced video that make’s ISIL look like rank amateurs. And yes the Mustang has been modified to hell, 800+ horsepower and 4 wheel drive under the control of Ken Blocks almost telepathic drift skills which are tested to the most brutal effect, smoking all 4 tyres and most of LA in his wake. And no it isn’t pot filled smoke most commonly associated with the “City of Angels” its pure toxic smoke of burnt rubber seeping its way into the already choked atmosphere of down town Hollywood. Hey! its Gymkhana 7, what more do you expect, its one of those video’s where you have to watch it in full HD, on a large screen with booming speakers to really enjoy.  Gymkhana-7
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