Scotty Kilmer, Car reviewers,
Scotty Kilmer Causes Outrage! Says Car Reviewers Are Full of Crap

He did-gone-dun-it-again, Scotty Kilmer, YouTuber, mechanic, has gone-dun-it-again after firing off about car reviewers, telling them that they are all full of crap. OUTRAGEOUS! Kilmer argues “what credentials do car reviewers (motoring journalists) have to offer”. OUTRAGEOUS!


Anyway, he might have a point. Kilmer argues that motoring journalists have become paid up members of the automotive shill community. From our experience, he might be onto something here. But for the purposes of fair and balanced coverage, we have to uphold journalist and editorial guidelines and point out, by adding… OUTRAGEOUS!

BMW is the worst offender when it comes to recruiting and building a network of automotive shills. They (BMW) sit there on their throne acting like the lord of the manner, looking down their noses to those who “go-off message”.

The punishment? If you don’t shill you lose access. It’s wince-inducing to see arse-kissing car reviewers/motoring hacks cozy up to BMW. Sorry… Kilmer if you are reading this (he isn’t but Jeff Bezos does) OUTRAGEOUS!

Scotty Kilmer, Car reviewers,
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