Lotus F1 Car In Bizarre Truck Jump Challenge That Will Make You Wince
http://youtu.be/TVBcEg6klJI There are ways of promoting what you offer then there is the Lotus F1 way, the teams main sponsors EMC,want to prove just how great they are at Cloud Computing by resorting to real world publicity stunts. The challenge is to set a world record jump for a semi-truck but of course all record attempts require an F1 car to pass underneath the moment the truck leaves the ramp and becomes airborne. The truck did set a world record, it flew 87 feet which is equivalent to going 87 feet around the world, not very far for human’s but a giant leap for semi-truck kind. It may be staged and you know the outcome before you press play but it still makes you wince at the thought of something going potentially wrong. Damn it we just promoted EMC Enterprise solutions for free.  Lotus-vsTruck-Jump
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