Qoros 3 City SUV Revealed
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Qoros, China’s home grown answer to BMW, has launched the 3 City SUV, a kind of Qoros answer to the Audi Allroad. The rather uninspiring name, City 3 SUV, is the third model in the company’s small but growing line up of what is one car available in three different variations. The Qoros City 3 SUV has a raised ride height, Sitting 67mm higher than the 3 Hatch its based on, although it is now slightly wider and slightly longer. Add flared wheel arches, a dose of rugged looking extras and Qoros try’s to convince you this is a countryside tool as well as a city slicker. Qoros-3-City-SUV-C However it isn’t available in 4WD, only front wheel drive, so that’s a bit of a killer if you want to escape the city life and find you can’t even escape buffalo dung when you finally make it to the Chinese countryside. Power is supplied courtesy of a 1.6 litre, 156bhp, turbocharged petrol engine which is fed on a diet of a six speed manual or dual clutch transmission. Performance figures don’t matter for this A-B car that resembles a Chevrolet to us, for some reason, the City 3 will only be sold in China. Four trim levels and five colors will be offered, the top spec believe it or not is called “Excite”. Qoros-3-City-SUV-A So why post an article on a car that will not have a presence in Western Europe or North America? Because one day it will and we just want to say you heard it here first. If you haven’t already heard about Qoros elsewhere. The Qoros City 3 SUV will be officially unveiled at the 2014 Guangzhou International Auto Show and will be available for sale in China by December 2014, costing an estimated RMB 140,000 or around £14k GBP.  Qoros-3-City-SUV-B
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