Sit Back An Relax, The Mercedes Maybach Returns
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These are the voyages of the Star Ship Mercedes Maybach S 600, the ultra luxury Mercedes your life has been waiting for. Mercedes only revealed the interior and a badge with these two teaser photo’s, which has led many to speculate the Maybach S 600 is all about the opulence. And the badge. The Maybach S600 is in fact or rather will be a stretched version of the current generation Mercedes S Class and is destined to debut at the LA Auto show and China’s Guangzhou auto show next week. The Maybach S 600 looks to be at least fittingly luxurious in a way the standard S Class isn’t, this car is aimed primarily at the Chinese market where the great and the good like extra leg room according to market research. Mercedes-Maybach-S-600 The Maybach super luxury brand was founded in 1909, Mercedes purchased the company in 1960 making special editions but production stuttered and petered out after a few years. Fast forward to 1997 and the brand was resurrected by Mercedes in 2002 (below image) with a specially designated model, which used switches and dials from a not so super luxury A Class. Maybach-S62 Fast forward too 2012 and the last Maybach rolled off the production line on 7th December 2012 with the remaining models, costing up to £300k each, expected to sell out by 2013 after which the Maybach brand ceased to exist. Fast forward to 2014 and the name, or a least a badge bearing the name Maybach, has been brought back to live another day on the backside of a strecthed, latest generation S Class. No details of the S 600 Maybach have been revealed, a twin-turbo V8 and V10 Hybrid are expected to make an appearance on the options list. And if they make a diesel version, we will shoot our self’s in the foot. Price? the S Class badge just got a whole lot more expensive.  Maybach-S62-A
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