1500 bhp Lamborghini Gallardo Spins At 150 mph
If you thought the 1,000 bhp Bugatti Veyron was powerful, think again, the owner of this Lamborghini has pumped up the power of his Gallardo to deliver 1,750 bhp by twin-turbo-ing the hell out the Gallardo’s V10 power source. More power, job done. Next up is to drag test the hell out the monster Gallardo on a former aerodrome. Easy yes, but when you are using worn tyres and skirt over painted markers it usually means you are a cheap-skate who should have put on a new set of slippers considering the enormous amount of power the rear tyres have to handle. Anyway the Gallardo owner drifted sideways and onto the slippery painted section of the track and inevitably spun off rather harmlessly albeit at 150 mph into the green stuff.  1500-hp-Lamborghini
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