Aggressive Overtake Leads To Aggressive Consequences
http://youtu.be/BigJYb3XQyc You’re driving on a country lane, wanting to get home quickly so you don’t miss the latest episode of the Game of Thrones but there is traffic in the way. You look for the inevitable opening and when it appears you go for the overtake, narrowly miss oncoming traffic and when you think you’ve made it something goes wrong. It did for this Russian driver who seemed to be in a terrible hurry, the initial overtake could have ended in disaster but the driver subsequently lost control of his car and deservedly barrel rolled into the opposite side of the road and into a ditch. Many Russian’s drivers mount dashboard cameras into their cars and we see a lot of insane footage coming out of the country, believe me drivers in the UK can be just as crazy.  Overtaking-in-Russia-Goes-Wrong
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