This Is How Jerk Water USA Is Making America Great Again

They landed a man on the moon, their probes have explored the solar system and they have given us the Hubble space telescope. This is America at it’s greatest but do these achievements help the average man back home on planet Earth? No, probably not.

US space exploration has cost billions and billions of taxpayer money, and that’s one of the reasons why people of the United States feel they have been left behind economically.

And this income inequality has forced deprived people to become more resourceful. In Redneck Jerk Water USA one individual try’s mounting a tire using highly flammable carb spray as a lubricant.

Knowing that carb spray is highly flammable the idiot applies it onto the rim of the tire and sets it alight. But it’s deliberate and unexpectedly dramatic.

Here is one proud American trying to make America great again.

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