Illegal Californian Drift Meet Hijacks Public Highway
There are legal drift meets and then there are illegal drift meets. Which ever one you decide to go too make sure it happens in some abandoned industrial estate so as not to alert the attentions of the police. If the above doesn’t work then make sure there is a nationwide protest about police brutality on ethnic minorities, this will act as a distraction/cover to law enforcement officers. Thats exactly what this illegal drift meeting did in the Oakland district of California. The meeting high-jacked a public highway as nearby protests were going on in response to the Ferguson Grand Jury decision. If you recall a police officer shot and killed unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, in the US state of Missouri in August of this year. The State’s Grand Jury decided not to prosecute the officer who fatally shot Brown. This triggered violent state and nationwide protests and of course this illegal drift meet decided to take advantage of the public unrest. If the attendees expected to use the protest to get way with it then they only fooled themselves into thinking so. The police had their way and made 23 arrests and impounded 12 cars. Only in America.  Oakland-Illegal-Drift-Meet-2014
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