Mulholland Morons Attempt Drift Nirvana
Mulholland Highway in Los Angeles has long been one of the best scenic routes in the area and it attracts keen drivers and motorcyclists who just want to sample the unwittingly challenging cambers and corners. Any one, any car and any skill level is welcome and when we say any skill level we mean any skill level. The most challenging part of the 45 mile route is known as the snake and this attracts drivers like flies to honey. Only in this video a few road goers try to gracefully drift but end up driving like donkeys trying to attack the “snake” but with little success. We said we would never show a Chris Harris drift video, because drifting Chris Harris style is not pushing the car to the limits its Chris Harris pushing his profile to the limits.
Nevertheless if you are going to drift hooligan style then there is no better exponent of it than Chris Harris. I don’t think we have ever said we would never show a Chris Harris drift video or at least Chris Harris drifting in a video because we believe drifting is an art, pushing the car to its limits is a skill.  Mullholland-Morons
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